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Q: How is your approach different?

While most organizations truck in extremely expensive systems to drill single wells for vast communities, our organization was founded on the principals of reducing size, cost and learning curve to bring the price point down and to provide communities with the resources to build and operate their own drilling systems.  This is a revolutionary water access solution and is making possible what has previously been impossible. More wells can be drilled for the same cost.

Q: What makes you better?

Unlike most drilling systems used today, our system uses reverse flow airlift drilling, the cleanest and safest method of drilling, to protect aquifers and reduce the risks of well failure. Our approach uses high strength PVC that can literally float in water to make a super lightweight system that can be operated entirely by hand.  Our system is so light it can be dropped in by parachute, trucked in by pickup, carried in the back of a cattle cart or even hauled in by bicycle.

Q: What about cost?

By using super inexpensive materials, reducing moving parts and simplifying the construction of the systems, we have exponentially dropped the cost to under $2,000 for a complete manually powered drilling system.  An entire community can use the same rig to drill dozens of wells reducing the cost per well to mere dollars, making a meaningful impact.

Q: Is it really that easy?

It is very easy. We can teach anyone to build and operate our system in one day. A well can be drilled in a single afternoon in favorable materials. But our solution involves longer education incorporating geology and hydrology to allow the people to form viable coops and businesses and continue the work.  We are not there just to drill and leave.

Q: How are you changing lives?

Our plan takes permanence as a primary objective. We want the people to learn the system and the process and use it to help others. If you put the knowledge and power into the hands of the people, you have democratized the process and changed lives forever. The people of the world need the tools and understanding to help themselves.

Q: What else are you doing?

We have other technologies in development that will increase the effectiveness of our system in a wider range of geological areas. We have a hydraulically powered option that is useful in parts of the world where labor is more expensive. Also, part of our mission is to teach proper well development and maintenance to ensure that the boreholes people dig will last with reduced chance of failure.


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